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Certified Practising Instructor - The Martial Arts Industry Standard

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The most recognised qualification by everybody these days is being a “Certified Practitioner”, e.g. CPA (Certified Practicing Accountant), CPEng (Certified Professional Engineer), CFP (Certified Financial Planner).

These qualifications provide a point of difference that gives the message of trust, knowledge, experience and qualifications that people understand and prepared to pay for these services. Martial Arts Australia as the leading martial arts peak body, is bringing this same powerful branding and recognition to you with the establishment of a CPI – Certified Practicing Instructor through the AMACS – Australian Martial Arts Coaching System.

* Certified Practising Instructor (CPI) Status via RPL 
Free with Martial Arts Australia Membership
* Certified Senior Instructor (CSI) Status via RPL 
$100 - with Martial Arts Australia Membership or $125 by itself
* Certified Master Instructor (CMI) Status via RPL
$100 - with Martial Arts Australia Membership or $150 by itself
RPL - We will recognise prior learning - qualifications / experience so you can obtain one of these status levels.

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CPI - 5yrs MA experience / NRT qualification = Accredited Coach 
CSI - 10yrs MA experience / Cert III+ qualification = Senior Accredited Coach 
CMI - 15yrs MA experience / Cert IV+ qualification = Master Accredited Coach

Certified Practising Instructor (CPI) status is most sort after position for a martial arts instructor because it is gaining recognition from multiple areas and holds a high commercial value. The Australia Martial Arts Coaching System (AMACS) plays an important role in securing this position. You can also gain this status by using your existing qualifications so ask how you qualify. Completing one or all three the AMACS levels doesn't automatically qualify a person to gain a (CPI / CSI / CMI) status, their martial arts experience / grades determine this component.

* Martial Arts Peak Industry Body Recognition
* Insurance Company Recognition
* Consumer Recognition
* Martial Arts Qualification Recognition 


THE CLUB STAR RATING ALSO AVAILABLE School can now also gain various STAR RATINGS so that the consumer / students can easily recognise the professionalism of the operator. 
Stars are accumulated by obtaining the following: 
* Curriculum - check 
* Qualification – check 
* First Aid Provider – check 
* Appropriate Insurance – check 
* Working With Children – check 
* Business Pro – check 
This is currently a FREE SERVICE for MAA Members / Accredited Instructors

Martial Arts Australia - Peak Industry Body recognition of expertise can be based upon (Recognition of Prior Learning RPL) which is to have an instructor's existing qualifications, gradings and experience assessed to meet industry standards. This process is done by acquiring membership to Martial Arts Australia as this is an integral part of the CPI process and validating martial arts instructors as professional operators. Being the largest association in Australia and operating for over 21 years it is respected and endorsed by many entities both locally and internationally. 

Insurance Company recognition of qualifications and expertise is essential to meet the Underwriter's risk rating criteria. CPI status is acknowledged as the best method for ticking all the boxes to identify a professional operator that is less of a risk to the Insurer. Martial Arts Instructors with the CPI status can obtain cheaper insurance rates.

Consumer Recognition of expertise can mean the difference between success and failure. To be or continue to be successful means having a point of difference that is quickly recognised and provides value to consumers. Being endorsed as a good provider in the eyes of a consumer / potential student is vital for building your business. Testimonials from clients hold a lot of weight but consumers look deeper to see if an instructor / school / is listed in a peak professional body / network. This listing gives the student confidence that those businesses named have met an industry professional standard and operate under a specific set of rules / codes that respect consumer rights. By being listed in Martial Arts Australia’s directory, consumers / potential students recognise you have the expertise to run a professional school operation.

Martial Arts Instructor industry specific qualifications / courses that are essential for operators to have the appropriate skills to best serve the public. Nationally recognised instructor qualifications in the past and present are mainly drawn from (certificates / diplomas / degrees) in sports coaching, sport & recreation and fitness. Martial Arts technical training experience / gradings are assessed in many other ways, see MAA website for more details.

AMACS is recognised as being the most industry relevant. This education system for martial arts instructors has been created by industry experts to create more future leaders. There are a broad range of skills required to run a martial arts school / association and now they can be found in one course system. AMACS students / graduates are supported by ongoing business mentoring and resources as a total system of education giving them more tools to run a success martial arts business.

National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) Levels 1-3 are recognised for being at the lower end of industry requirements. The NCAS course material and delivery model has virtually stayed the same over the past 10+ years not meeting today’s instructor needs. Many instructors after repeating the same courses year in year out and view the NCAS as a waste of their time due to not learning anything new. We encourage students looking to becoming instructors without any mentor support / direction to do the 'NCAS General Principles Course' especially because it's free and prepares instructors for higher learning. 

CPI status is issued by Peak Industry Body Martial Arts Australia (MAA) when instructors meet all the requirements. Instructors can either complete the AMACS courses or similar, submit their martial arts training resume then register for MAA Membership. If an instructor is not sure if their experience / qualifications are valid or feel they fall short of the requirments Martial Arts Australia is here to assist everyone to obtain the status and recognition.

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